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Top 5 Places for Autumn Foliage in Paris

Woman enjoying autumn colours in Paris park

The golden hue dominates the charming city as soon as we welcome autumn in Paris. Wherever you are: in the parks, or by the side of River Seine, or in the tree-lined streets, you will find yourself indulging in the beautiful array of yellow and red leaves. Below are the top 5 on my list:

1. The Luxembourg Gardens

The Luxembourg Gardens is a very big park in the Latin Quarter. Being one of the most romantic gardens, it consists of several parts - a big fountain in the centre, the Palace of Luxembourg, an orangery and several surrounding green areas.

2. The Tuileries Gardens

The Tuileries Gardens is a very spacious park just across the street from the Louvre Museum. It is absolutely stunning to see the long lines of trees change colours during autumn time. The colours start changing as early as the beginning of September, and keep changing until the end of October. What's more, there are some remarkable elements in the park, like vintage lamp posts, statues and fountains, all against the backdrop of the iconic Palace of Tuileries! Perfect nostalgic setting indeed.

3.The Eiffel Tower

There are just so many angles from which to view the Eiffel Tower. But to see the autumnal colours, I would suggest going to the park Champs de Mars (just in front of the Eiffel Tower), along the River Seine, or in nearby streets.

4. The Banks of the River Seine

The River Seine flows by several important spots in the city, like the Eiffel Tower and the Notre Dame Cathedral. Some parts of the river are flanked by trees with a golden hue. Take a leisurely stroll along the riverside, and be part of a romantic movie scene!

5. Montmartre

When you think about Montmartre, you'll probably only think about the basillica of Sacré Cœur, the artist square or some stylish cafes. But there’s much more! A little park and some wall plants in the small hidden streets near the basilica are definitely not to be missed! They form a backdrop that Nature has designed for a fantastic photoshoot!

So when is the best time to visit the charming city adorned with autumn colours?

The answer varies from year to year and from location to location. But generally the autumnal colours start to appear in September, and are in full blossom in mid to end of October, while just a little of the best autumnal scenery lasts till mid-November.


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