Professional photographer in Paris



Why propose in Paris?

Paris is the most romantic city in the world! Imagine kneeling down, taking out the ring and popping that question in front of the Eiffel Tower, I'm sure your partner will be talking about your Paris marriage proposal for the years to come!

Why should you hire a professional photographer in Paris for your marriage proposal?

You should hire a professional photographer who knows the city well, to ensure that the proposal goes smoothly and that you have the best photos to announce this news immediately to your family and friends, especially when they will not be there to witness it. Whether it's a more intimate proposal in an epic rooftop or a public declaration in front of everyone, I am here to plan it with you!

How should you organise your Paris marriage proposal?

The best way is to include it in a couple photoshoot (as communicated to your partner), so she will be well-dressed and wear a good make up and yet wouldn't suspect anything going on. She will be genuinely and delightfully surprised when you make your Paris proposal! 

How is a surprise Paris marriage proposal session different from a usual couple photo session?

  • More preparation is needed not just for you, but also for me, to plan this important event. I’ll set up the perfect angle and bring the suitable lens for the special moment.  

  • Communication is everything! Talk to me before your photoshoot to discuss at which moment you'll pop the question - the location, the cue and how you should position yourselves so that I can capture the best photos for your marriage proposal. You can’t imagine how fast the whole event happens, so it's important to plan it carefully in order that I can capture the most authentic emotions and reactions.

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