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Maternity Portraits Photography Paris



Congratulations for welcoming a new member of the family into your life! Solo maternity portraits as well as couple photos which are professionally done ar definitely a good way to reward yourself for the months of hard work you have endured and to remember this great anticipation. Now is the perfect moment to get dressed up and to show off your bump and glowing joy!

Your maternity shooting can be done anywhere like at the banks of the River Seine, in a park with a golden-hour dreamy light, a well-decorated hotel or even your own cosy home - wherever you feel comfortable in. Flowy maternity dresses, bodysuits, sexy half-transparent laced kimono and lingerie, or even grand evening dresses can be good outfits for the shooting. 

​The best time for a maternity shoot is around 26-34 weeks, if you are carrying a single child. Around this time, your belly becomes nice and round, and in general, you'll feel more comfortable moving around. If you are carrying two or more, consider doing it slightly earlier, up to at around 14 weeks. Allow more turnaround time if you'd like to use the photos as a pregnancy announcement or purchase printed products.

Click below to book your maternity photoshoot with a female photographer!

Maternity Portraits Photographer Paris
Maternity Portraits Photoshoot Paris
Paris Maternity Portraits Photography
Paris Maternity Portraits
Paris Maternity Portraits Photoshoot
women with baby bump
Couple standing with romantic pose
maternity shoot with pregnant women
Solo maternity portraits
maternity couple photos clicked professionally
Amazing solo photoshoot
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