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Couple marriage proposal in Paris.jpg



Tired of doing selfies, setting up a tripod or asking random people on the street to photograph you and your partner? Fancy a cinematic love story photoshoot in Paris?  

A couple photoshoot is for:

- Couples who would like to capture their love story in Paris

- Couples who would like an engagement photoshoot in casual wear, for their "save the date" card or wedding invitation cards

- Couples who would like to celebrate their dating anniversary, marriage anniversary, honeymoon or simply offer a photo session to their partners. 

Hire a Paris local photographer who knows all the secret spots and the best time of shooting for each of the locations, who guides you all along, and captures some wonderful candid photos for you to take home! No more awkward angles or strange posing in photos, but amazing photos to share with your family and friends!  


Even if you don’t normally feel at ease in front of the camera, you will enjoy the experience of mainly focusing on the authentic and emotional moments between you and your partner. You will feel as if you're just going out with a friend and a local guide of Paris. For couples who are particularly shy in front of the camera, don’t worry: I'll be guiding and helping you throughout the session. Just give it a try!

Click below to book your Paris couple session!

Candid couple photography.jpg
Honeymoon picture in Paris in Jardin du Palais Royal.jpg
Couple photoshoot at Louvre Museum in Paris.jpg
Couple portraits photography.jpg
Couple travel photoshoot in Paris.jpg
Fashion couple photoshoot.jpg
Couple travel session along the Seine river.jpg
Couple honeymoon picture under the rain.jpg
Couple in Montmartre with vintage car.jpg
Couple enjoying a break at a Parisian café.jpg
Playful couple photoshoot in Parisian streets.jpg
Couple honeymoon photoshoot.jpg
Couple dating anniversary in colourful street in Paris.jpg
Couple picture at Avenue de Camoens.jpg
Romantic couple photoshoot under Paris rain.jpg
Couple dancing at Avenue de Camoens.jpg
Couple dancing on Pont d'Iéna in Paris.jpg
Couple marriage proposal photo on rooftop in Paris with Eiffel Tower view.jpg
Photoshoot of a couple having fun at a café in Paris.jpg
Couple kissing each other at Pont de Bir-Hakeim.jpg
Couple posing in front of a coffee shop.jpg
Couple pic walking in front of a Paris flower shop.jpg
Couple on rooftop in Paris with Eiffel Tower view.jpg
Couple mariage anniversary in Paris.jpg
Sensual outdoor couple photography.jpg
Romantic couple photoshoot under umbrella.jpg
Engagement couple shooting session in Paris with vintage car.jpg
Couple hugging each other - Black and white picture.jpg
Couple photoshoot on Montmartre stairs in Paris.jpg
Couple photoshoot in Paris with Christmas lights.jpg
Couple in Paris crossing street in front of a coffee shop and Eiffel Tower in background.j
Couple love story photoshoot.jpg
Guiding couple in a photo session under the rain.jpg
Editorial couple photoshoot.jpg
Couple crossing streets in Paris.jpg
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