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What should I wear for my Paris photoshoot?

What outfits should you choose for your photoshoot? It depends on your style and purpose of the shooting. If you are unsure, you can never go wrong with earthy tones/neutral tones. For couples, it's good to do either matching colours, or colours on the same colour palette. Or, if you're bold and going for a more fashion shooting look, go for some brighter colours and locations! If it's personal branding shooting, it is important to think about your brand colours and find an outfit that represents your style.

Earthy tones/neutral tones

These are my favourite colour tones, especially for Paris photoshoots. Timeless photos are created easily with classic and elegant outfits in earthy/neutral tones:

Complementary colours / Contrast

Choosing opposite colours on the colour wheel helps to bring out the person being photographed, and create a fashionable look!

Other colours - matching some of the shooting locations

It is important to plan the shooting locations (even if it's only a tentative route), so you are able to decide on the colours of some of the outfits accordingly. For example, if you plan to shoot the Maison Rose in Montmartre, a pink outfit will be very nice to match the colour of the building. Alternatively, you can choose something that complements well with the background colours (e.g. yellow and blue, pink and green)

Sparkling outfits / outfits with sharp or light colours for night shooting

As the sky is generally quite dark and almost black, it is best to wear colours which will stand out against the backdrop, like sparkling gold, white, pink, light purple and red.


Bring a small handbag, a hat, a scarf or an extra coat just to provide some variety, especially for a short session. The accessories can be good props for you to warm up to the photoshoot. It's also the best way to have different looks without having to drag along a big bag of outfits, and it’s much easier to move around different locations and get more candid photos!

Most importantly!

As I always advise my clients to do: choose an outfit that you like and feel confident and comfortable in it. This will definitely make you more at ease during the shooting, and give you better photos!


Don't forget to bring along a pair of comfortable walking shoes (flats/flip-flops) if you're planning to wear heels for the photoshoot but are not used to wearing them on a daily-life basis. There are many cobblestone roads, stairs and slopes around the city.

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