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Whoosh through Paris - Scooter ride!

Want to do a photoshoot out of the ordinary and memorable in Paris? Want to shoot something Parisian? What about a scooter ride that takes you through the charming Parisian streets at sunset?

Paris scooter couple

It's just so much easier to navigate through the narrow and congested streets of Paris on a motorcycle. There are lots of pay-as-you-go (by minute) scooters for rent in Paris with a company called Yego.

Couple on Paris scooter

For an hour, the rental is about 20 euros. All you need to do is to download and sign up on the app Yego with a valid driver’s license and you can search on the app to find the closest available scooter. When you finish renting, you'll have to park the scooter at any of the authorised scooter parking areas and take a photo of the scooter to prove its good condition. Then the meter will automatically stop. Voilà! You're good to go!

This day I did a shooting with this adorable couple in the streets near the Louvre. Scooter rentals are forbidden in the Louvre area near the River Seine but just a few blocks away we have this quiet little spot away from the crowds even though it was a Sunday.

You can find more information about the scooter rental: (I have no sponsor or commission from Yego but I think it's quite an interesting and fun shooting idea. It will add some motion and candid shots to your next Paris photoshoot!)


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