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Best photoshoot spots in Étretat - White cliffs in Normandy, France

Etretat photoshoot

The beautiful French coastline with white cliffs in the north of Paris, in the Normandy area, is just 2.5 hours' drive from Paris! Étretat is the closest location to Paris where you can shoot some incredible nature scenery, as well as some shots in the little village of Étretat. It is suitable for shooting from May to September as the weather is generally milder and there is plenty of sunshine.

I visited the area for location scouting before my Étretat photoshoot with my prewedding couple about a month ago in April and the weather was perfect. I couldn't stop snapping away especially around sunset time! For me, the cliffs are the most beautiful in the golden hour:

Étretat - white cliffs

Étretat is very famous for its white cliffs. It is relatively easy to shoot here on the 2 main cliffs, as you do not hike a long way to get to the shooting spots. Probably about 10-15 minutes uphill and you can get to the highest point with the iconic stone church and a spectacular view over the city, cliffs and the beach. As you walk along the paths, you can get different viewpoints of the special white cliffs and lying on the grass for some shots is definitely a good idea!

Grass on top of Etretat cliff

On the day of the shooting, it was rainy and windy, unlike the first time we visited, so it was a totally different atmosphere - very poetic and dreamy. All the shooting locations were empty and only the couple was left in this beautiful setting:

Étretat - beach

A short walk down to the beach we had less wind. Under the rain, the extra serenity in the scenery gives it an even more romantic atmosphere:

French castle - Le Donjon- Domaine St-Clair

After that we had a short session with shelter in a very beautiful hotel Le Donjon- Domaine St-Clair. They have a very beautiful garden that overlooks the cliffs at Étretat, which is also very nice for photos if weather permits.

Étretat Gardens (Jardins d'Étretat)

Étretat Garden is another shooting spot at Étretat that has a view over the white cliffs. The garden displays different forms of modern art like sculptures and artistic set up. The most famous art-pieces are the sculptures of baby faces along the hillside showing different facial expressions.

Latest entry fees for the Étretat Gardens can be found here.

Around Etretat, there are also some nearby areas within half an hour's drive which are equally beautiful and with much less crowds. On the way there are gardens of flowers like this one:

Flower garden around Etretat

Plage d'Yport

The Yport beach is another lovely beach not far from the main town of Étretat, with less crowds and some colourful beach houses to give a different vibe:


Fécamp is another lovely town in Normandy, where you can get both the views of the white cliffs and the historic town. It used to be a fishing village and it is famous for mussels!

See more behind the scenes of these trips on my Instagram highlights "Étretat"!


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