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Montmartre - artistic area in Paris

Montmartre is one of the most charming neighbourhoods in Paris. Cobblestone roads, artists drawing portraits, stone houses, colourful villas and cute little cafes can be found everywhere. It used to be an area where famous artists gathered and exchanged ideas in the 19th and 20th century. It has remained a popular place for art galleries and artists since then. Most of the photo-worthy spots are at the top of the hill but many are also scattered along the hillside.

1. Maison Rose

The Maison Rose is simply stylish and delightful. It is definitely one of the most popular spots for shooting in Montmartre. My favourite season to shoot here is in autumn or springtime when you see plants growing all around the walls. I highly recommend shooting there in the morning before the Maison Rose restaurant opens, to avoid the crowds from the restaurant terrace on this charming cobblestone road.

2. Red leave walls

This wall of leaves near the Maison Rose turn to an impressive sea of red during autumn time!

3. Sacré Coeur Basilica

Situated at the top of the hill at Montmartre, the Sacré Coeur has one of the best views of Paris. Taking photos in front of it is what most tourists do, but I can also take you to some of the best shooting spots behind it, where you have a whole new perspective of this beautiful Roman Catholic Church.

4. Love Wall

How romantic it is to give your partner a kiss here! The words "I love you" have been written 250 times on this blue wall. Can you find your language?

5. Lamarck - Caulaincourt

Paris metro stylish photoshoot

Montmartre is built along the hillside, surrounded by 3 metro stations, and this is one of them! A lot of people love taking photos here near the metro station entrance with the red cafe and the metro sign!

6. Parisian streets

Lots of small alleys, lovely cafes and stylish mansions can be found. Just about every corner is charming enough for some photos!

7. Vintage Photo Booth

This vintage Photo Booth itself is very classy. You can actually do a quick black and white shooting here for just a few euros!

7. Carousell

Paris Carousell with Sacre-Coeur

Near the Abbesses metro station, you can have both a carousel and the Sacré Coeur view.

There are many more appealing spots for shooting that I haven't included here. Usually 1-1.5 hours will be best for a shooting in this area where excellent photospots abound. Even 2 hours in Montmartre won’t exhaust shooting ideas!


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