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Best cafes for shooting in Paris

Why do I love shooting at cafes? Sitting at a café is certainly one of the real Parisian things to do. It gives you a nice break and at the same time allows you to get some good shots in your session. A café usually offers an opportunity to have a quick outfit change even in a relatively short shooting time, thus adding more variety to your set of photos. Not only this, if you are more camera-shy, I would recommend starting with a cafe shooting, where you can sit and take more half-body shots. With a drink in hand, it's easier for you to warm up before shooting at other locations. Paris is full of attractive cafes along the street, and it's a very Parisian thing to spend an afternoon there, watching passers-by and chatting with a friend.

I'll show some of my favourite cafes by neighbourhood. So it'll be easier for you when you plan your photoshoot with me!

1. Eiffel Tower

For a 1.5 hour shooting at the Eiffel Tower area, we'll be able to include a short shooting at a cafe!

2. Louvre

The famous black and white cafe with beautiful striped parasols is only a stone's throw away from the Louvre.

Here's another one that I really love, especially for its nice glass that we can shoot through.

3. Pont Alexandre III

This one is around a 10-minute walk from the Pont Alexandre III and it's part of a very stylish hotel!

4. Marais

Marais itself is a very chic area with lots of beautiful shopfronts and cafes. Why not pick one for the shooting?

5. Cité

One of my favourite places to shoot, against a backdrop of super classy lighting. And there is always great lighting on sunny days, with the shadows of the trees falling on the cafe. Another plus is that there are lots of seats to choose from, both in the morning and in the afternoon!

6. Châtelet

Great contrast against the red wall of the cafe, nice staff and large selection of seats for a photoshoot.

7. Saint-Germain-des-Près

Another very popular area for nice shopfronts and cafes. Less popular among tourists but an equally charming neighbourhood.

Can't wait to explore Paris with me? Contact me for a booking and let's work out a shooting plan and add more hidden spots!


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