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Booking Conditions

Upon paying the deposit, you agree to all the terms and conditions stated on this page.


A non-refundable deposit is required to secure your timeslot.

No changes to the date or time are allowed. However, if the new shooting date is more than 1 year after the booking date, the latest rates apply.

If there are any changes or cancellations to the make up artist, there will be an extra penalty of 200 euros.


The time slot remains open for other clients to book until the deposit is paid.

Remaining balance

The remaining balance is due on the day of the shooting by cash only. 


Photo editing process will not start until the remaining balance is fully paid, and the delivery time of the photos will be delayed accordingly. An extra 10% penalty will be applied for late payments.


The deposit will not be refunded in case of a cancellation of shooting.


Change of time slot/location will be entertained only once, only upon availability and may be subject to additional costs. The latest package price applies if there is a price difference. Packages can be upgraded to longer durations packages but not shortened durations packages. The original package price still applies even if the client would like to shorten the duration of the shooting.


Rescheduling due to bad weather is allowed (1-2 days before the actual shooting day). New arrangements will be made to my best ability. However, if it is impossible to change for a new timeslot, changes to the location (e.g. locations with shelter) may be made to my best ability to continue with the photo session. 



Clients are responsible for the full cost of transportation except trips covered by the Paris metro. The transportation time/walking time between locations/shooting spots are included in the shooting time. For example, if the transportation time between spot A and spot B is 20 minutes, you will lose 20 minutes of shooting time within the package that you have booked.



50€ can be added to exclude the transportation time between two locations within 30 min of transportation time, so you can still keep the same amount of shooting time. ​



If the client books a package of 4 hours and adds this option for a two-location shooting with a 30 min car ride. The total shooting time will be kept at 4 hours + an additional 30 min of transport that does not take up the shooting time.



If this option is chosen and the transportation time takes 40 minutes, the final shooting time in the package will be shortened by 10 min.


Please ensure that you allow enough buffer time to arrive at the shooting location in advance, as the traffic in Paris is very complicated. There are often metro breakdowns, traffic jams and problems with getting Ubers/taxis. It is highly advised to pre-download the app G7 (taxi app, always reliable) and set the pick up time one day before. Late arrivals will not be given extra time. The number of photos received and the number of locations shot may be reduced.



Locations can be discussed in advance but the final shooting route may be modified on the day depending on weather and actual situation (crowds, road closures/monument closures/construction works). 

Shooting costs during the photoshoot

Rental and entrance fees of any shooting locations is at the client's cost, and is payable in full at the time of the reservation if the location is booked by photographer.


For any cafe shooting, it is required to order at least one drink per client and per crew member. The cost of the food and drinks are covered by the client.


For a full day shooting (>6 hours) with meal times, one simple meal for the photographer is paid by the client.

Extra costs: early morning/late night fee

If the shooting starts earlier than 08:00 or ends later than 21:00, there will be an extra 50€ fee transport fee. Please mark it in the remarks in the booking form and let your photographer know in advance.

Extra costs: for shootings outside Paris city

Price quoted is only for Paris city centre & RER A east lower branch to Boissy-Saint-Léger (supplementary costs for time and transportation may be added for other suburbs or regions, quoted upon demand),


Extra costs for shootings

The standard packages (booking directly on my website) are only for shooting outdoors with natural light and casual wear only. Other shootings like early start/late end, night shooting/shooting indoors will incur a fee of extra 50€ per hour. ​The online booking system doesn't adjust automatically for extra person/add-ons, but those will be charged on the day of the shooting.


Basic retouch

Standard packages are only targeted for shootings with casual wear. Prewedding/wedding photos are not in this category as the level of edits and the time for preparation are different. Please contact me for a separate quote.


Standard packages are targeted to travellers for casual shooting, hence all photos are only retouched with basic colour grading & exposure correction. No advanced edits (Photoshop) are included in these packages, but they are available for purchase as an option after the photos are delivered. Depending on the type of edits requested, per photo cost 15€+, to be quoted at the time of request.


Advance retouch

Only skin retouch, body & facial shape refinements and removal of certain background distractions will be applied (for example, big colourful road sign, garbage & garbage bins).


Other technical retouch requests will incur extra charges, to be quoted at the time of the request and depends on the feasibility (for example, removing a sea of people at the backdrop is NOT possible).



Clients are responsible for bringing their own outfits. If the client wears more than the number of outfits indicated in the shooting package, as time is needed for changing outfits, the shooting time and hence the number of photos delivered will be reduced accordingly.

Splitting sessions 

If you would like to split your booked sessions to morning & evening or in two days, there will be an extra 150€. So for some shorter duration packages, it can be cheaper to book two sessions separately. 


I work with several vendors. So please let us know if you need help to arrange for a make up artist or to make purchases at a florist, a balloon shop or a picnic set up, etc.


File Delivery

RAW/unedited files will NOT be delivered to clients as they do not represent my style and are not the final products. To ensure my quality of work, only edited photos in JPEG will be delivered. RAW files will be kept for 3 months and the online gallery 6 months, so please download everything when the gallery is delivered. RAW files will be deleted after then. Once the photos are removed from the gallery after 6 months, for retrieving old galleries (JPEG filles only), an extra fee of 100€ applies.


Billing address

Please provide a FULL billing address, NOT only your country. The address will only be used for billing purposes and will not be used for any other purposes.

Peak season additional fees

The following days incur extra 100 EUR fees:

- Weekends

- 1 May

- 1 week before and after Easter

- 1 week before and after Christmas & New Year

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